Vintage Door Message Board

In this installment of Donation2Decor, a vintage manual typewriter from Goodwill and a panel door from Restore morphs into a stylish home office organizer. Convert the panel door into a magnetic chalkboard and salvage the typewriter keys to create 30+ unique magnets.

Project Instructions

Materials needed:

Magnetic Chalkboard:

  1. Prep the door by removing any unwanted hardware, then wash with Simple Green - a Scotch-Brite pad may be needed to remove tough dirt. Allow 24 hours dry time.
  2. Mask door panels with 3M painters tape. This will protect the finish and help achieve a straight edge.
  3. Read and follow directions on magnetic primer. Stir well before and during application. Apply four thin smooth coats to assure maximum magnetic attraction. Wait 30 minutes between coats. Test with magnet before continuing, apply extra coats to increase attraction.
  4. Read and follow directions on chalkboard paint. Two coats are recommended for durability. Must wait 4 hours between coats. Warning: cure time on chalkboard paint is 3 days - do not attempt to use chalk before then, as it will permanently scar the surface.
  5. When chalkboard paint is completely dry, cut paint/tape edges with a razor knife to assure easy removal of tape without damage to the painted surface.

Salvaged Magnets:

  1. Remove typewriter keys with pliers
  2. Backfill key cap with hot glue. This secures the face of the key within the metal rim and provides a level surface for attaching the magnet.
  3. When hot glue has cured, attach half inch round magnets with liquid nails epoxy.
Attach D ring hangers, hang door and stylishly organize! Magnets may be used right away, but the chalkboard paint requires 3 full days of dry time before chalk can be used. Note on magnets: Very strong magnets should be used if you plan on haging notes or papers on your organizer. See the links section below for magnet retailers online.