Picture Frame Wall Display

A striking wall display is easy to create using a grouping of cast-off picture frames acquired at Caritas and Goodwill Industries.

Project Instructions

Materials needed:

Getting Started:

Choose an inspirational phrase. Divide phrase into logical parts. Most words will need their own frame, but some may work better sharing a frame. Search for frames that will create a pleasing grouping. Varying the style and size of the frames will create visual interest. Design the wall layout for the word frames by experimenting with different arrangements on the floor. Once the layout is determined, use computer fonts to choose the type style for each word. Work with fairly large examples of each word, since it is easier to see how the word will look when enlarged for framing. When all words have a selected font, choose a type size for each word. The type sizes should vary greatly and fit the scale of the frames chosen for each word. Print each word or letter on white paper then cut out each letter “ransom note” style.

Picture frames and masonite:

Remove & discard old hanging hardware and contents of the frames. Measure the inside openings of all of the frames and cut the masonite to fit each frame using a razor knife or jigsaw. Paint all the frames one color — black makes a bold statement. Paint all of the cut masonite pieces a single color that contrasts with the frame color. It is best to label the back of each masonite insert with its word to avoid confusion. Allow paint to dry thoroughly. When paint is dry, arrange inspirational phrase letters on the masonite pieces. Using a tape measure will help with centering the words, but varying the letter placement vertically makes assembly easier and adds more visual interest. Secure “ransom note” letters to the surface of the painted masonite with a glue stick. Allow glue to dry, then apply a non-yellowing Krylon matte finish sealer.

Finish up

When sealer is thoroughly dry, fix masonite inserts in frames with finish nails or glazing points. Attach sawtooth picture hangers and hang the inspirational phrase on the wall in the predetermined pattern.

Completed Project