Plinth block towel hooks

Need some zippy kitchen towel hooks? Old silver plate forks and spoons purchased at the Salvation Army store transform into whimsical kitchen hooks when mounted on salvaged pine plinth blocks found at the ReStore.

Project Instructions

Materials needed:

Plinth block prep:

Thoroughly wash plinth blocks with simple green. Scrub block surface with Scotch-Brite to remove all grime in decorative details. Allow blocks 24 hours dry time before next steps. Mark center of plinth block and cut in half lengthwise on a table saw. Sand edges of cut plinth blocks to remove rough
spots. Brush free of dust when smooth. Apply a light coat of colored Briwax (rustic pine works well on old salvage heart pine.) Allow 15 minutes cure time, then buff with a lint free cotton cloth. Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of each block about an half an inch from the top edge.

Silver plate flatware prep:

Clean silver plate with Scotch-Brite or silver polish. Note: tarnished patina may be left for a more rustic look. Secure broom handle to a stable table surface or work bench with a wood clamp. Allow handle to extend a few inches past the tabletop.
Using the secured handle as a mold, bend silver ware into desired hook shape. This step requires slow and steady force. Some silver plated pieces will bend easily, while others may need some encouragement with a hammer. When pieces are bent to desired shape, place on scrap wood and mark centers with a pencil. Pre-drill screw holes in the center of spoons and forks.

Finish up

Arrange pre-drilled forks and spoons on prepared plinth blocks to achieve desired positions. Secure silverware “hooks” with wood screws. Hang finished plinth block silverware hooks from sawtooth hangers and use!

Completed Project