Electrical insulator candle holder

In this installment of Donation2Decor we will transform a blank patio wall into a romantic focal point in just a few hours. Glass insulators purchased at the ReStore and Historic Waco Foundation's yearly Attic Treasures rummage sale make the project easy and inexpensive.

Project Instructions

Collect your glass insulators and make sure they are clean and the inside is free of any debris. Sort them by style and size to make wiring multiple insulators easier.

Materials needed:

Tips for successful project:

  1. Cut wire for insulators all at once. Small insulators require 10 inches of wireólarge insulators will need 12-13 inches of wire.
  2. On small insulators wrap wire just below upper lip of insulator, with large insulators wrap wire just above center ridge, twist several times with pliers to secure.
  3. Use remaining wire to create a hanging loop. Using a pen or pencil to form the loop will ensure an adequately sized and consistent loop.
  4. Fill tub with dirt and position trellis in the tub or fasten trellis securely to the wall above tub. Plant with appropriate vines and plants that will climb the trellis.
  5. Hang wired insulators to small nails or picture hooks secured in the trellis. The trellis pictured is improvised from an old hardware store display rack.
  6. Insert tealight votives in the insulators, light & enjoy the romance.