Vintage Lampshade Chandelier

Create a unique chandelier with 70’s prisms found at Caritas and a damaged lampshade found at the Salvation Army store.

Project Instructions

Materials needed:

First Steps:

Choose a sturdy lampshade with several supports. A vintage shade with eight supports offers more visual appeal when finished. Remove old fabric from shade--the original fabric tape on bottom and top of shade may stay, since it will be covered. Find crystal, prisms, or glass drops to decorate the shade sections. Several prisms may be joined to create the length desired. Clean drops thoroughly before using; vinegar added to rinse water will help eliminate spots. Dry drops with a lint free cloth. Once shade and decorative drops are acquired and prepped, purchase ribbon that will suit the color palette of the drops and the room where the chandelier will hang.

Wrap Lamp Shade:

Beginning with the support sections, wrap colored ribbon in a continuous length until section is covered. It is best to determine the length necessary for a section and then cut all eight lengths the same. Secure start and finish of ribbon wrap with glue—hot or white. If using white glue, the dry time is longer and sections will need to be secured with clothespins while drying. Ribbon may be secured periodically with glue while wrapping to increase adherence. When all support sections are finished, wrap the top and bottom of the shade using the same method.

Put it all together:

After completely wrapping the shade install lamp socket with threaded nipple through the center of the shade. (Spray paint lamp socket prior to installation if desired.) Attach ceiling light chain kit according to instructions. Test light to insure it is working properly. When light is fully functional attach drops to shade with same ribbon used to wrap the shade. Depending on the size of the hole in the decorative drops it may be necessary to attach drops to ribbon with needle and thread. Once prisms are securely attached to ribbon, tie ribbon/prisms with a knot and decorative bow at the center of each lamp section. Make sure that all prisms hang evenly in the lamp sections.

Finish up

Add cord cover to hide chain and electrical cord. (More than one cord cover may be necessary.) Hang from ceiling with hook and swag to wall. Plug in, turn switch, and enjoy!

Completed Project